Friday June 23rd - Saturday June 24th 2017

Fake Ticket Warning For Paradiso 2019

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Fake Ticket Warning For Paradiso 2019

Always Be Careful When Purchasing Second Hand

Paradiso Family! As our journey home to where digital meets nature draws near and a complete sell out of admission wristbands to the event is imminent, we wanted to draw attention to the amount of scammers and fake ticket sellers we have been seeing reports of this year.

With an event of this scale and popularity, it is extremely important to be extremely careful and diligent when purchasing second hand from a seller who you do not fully know. Each year we see dozens of fake admission tickets and camping passes be redeemed. It breaks out hearts to have to deny people entry to the event due to them having purchased a fake ticket.

As Paradiso 2019 will be selling out in advance this year, purchasing a fake ticket will mean that you will not be able to attend the event at all as no additional tickets will be released for the event once it has sold out. We wish there was something that we could do to help people out if they find themselves in the terrible situation of having purchased a fake ticket but as we are always safety focused, we can not release additional passes and risk breaking the capacity of the venue.

Please be careful if you decide to purchase second hand. We are down to the final 10% of admission wristbands, and once these are gone expect to see an uptick in people attempting to scam others with fake wristbands, tickets, and camping passes. If you have any question about the validity of a wristband or pass, always feel free to direct message us online and we will do our best to help make sure you are purchasing a valid ticket. Scammers can be very tricky, so there is never any guarantee your second hand passes are valid. If you have been waiting to purchase a ticket to Paradiso, we heavily recommend purchasing from Front Gate before the event is fully sold out.