Friday June 23rd - Saturday June 24th 2017

Campground Activities: Presented By iHeartRaves

Campground Activities: Presented By iHeartRaves

We heart campground activities

A world of adventure awaits you at Paradiso, and this year we have some amazing plans for your time outside of the festival. We are pleased to be teaming up with iHeartRaves for this year’s selection of campground activities.

Paradiso is more than just a festival, it is an experience. For many, their time in the campgrounds are just as important as their time dancing under a star filled sky, and this year we have major plans to immerse you in the magic of Paradiso from sun up to sun down.

All campground actives are available to every member of the Paradiso Fam during their time at the festival! Join us for some fun in the campgrounds all weekend long!

Campground Activities: Presented By iHeartRaves
Campground Activities: Presented By iHeartRaves


Saturday June 14th & Sunday June 15th, 1:00AM-4:00 AM // Powered By HeartBeat Silent Disco

Heartbeat Silent Disco is proud to partner with Paradiso for another year of Silent Disco. Come get your groove on in the campgrounds after each day of the event, and catch special channel take overs from various NW collectives.

Join us at the Campground Activities Hub following the conclusion of each day of the festival from 1:00am – 4:00am.

Space is limited to the number of headphones available. Headphones will be checked out to you when entering the silent disco, and must be returned upon exit.

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Lunautics Beauty Bar

Friday June 14th & Saturday June 15th, 9:00AM-1:15 PM // Hosted By Lunautics

Festival beauty born in LA! Shop a selection of our products & get gLIT AF with glitter, gems & braid services styled by our #glittergang artists. Make sure to stop by the merch booth to snag the limited edition Lunautics X Paradiso collab! 

Campground Activities: Presented By iHeartRaves
Campground Activities: Presented By iHeartRaves

Kundalini Yoga

Friday, June 14th 11:00AM-12:30 PM // Hosted By Moon Sign Magic & Stephananda

Kundalini is the yoga of awareness, Yoga has dozens of variations in philosophy and style. Some yogas (like Bikram) are structured as a physical workout. Others (like Jivamukti) put an emphasis on meditation. Kundalini Yoga is little of both, but with an added emphasis on consciousness that activates energy centers throughout the body. Kundalini class can be a good workout, but its teachers and students participate in each kriya with a quiet reverence more akin to a temple than a gym. If you like your physical exercise to come with a side of spiritual enlightenment, Kundalini Yoga might be for you.

“The primary objective [of Kundalini] is to awaken the full potential of human awareness in each individual; that is, recognize our awareness, refine that awareness, and expand that awareness to our unlimited Self. Clear any inner duality, create the power to deeply listen, cultivate inner stillness, and prosper and deliver excellence in all that we do.” -Kundalini Research Institute

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Acro Yoga

Saturday June 15th 10:00AM-11:30AM // Hosted By Gravity Lift

With a mutual admiration for yoga & it’s philosophies, Jordan Goff and Antonella Zabaglio have joined forces to co-create a ripple effect of awesome vibes in the PNW and abroad. They have a zest for life that is contagious, an authentic strength coupled with vulnerability that is truly inspiring, and a love for each other that was crafted by The Universe.

As creators and curators for Gravity Lift, Jordan & Antonella strive to move beyond the traditional and technological landscapes, building connection through music, yoga, and events that stimulate the mind, body, and soul.

Campground Activities: Presented By iHeartRaves
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Campground Activities: Presented By iHeartRaves


Friday June 14th 11:30AM – 12:30PM // Hosted By Justin Cumby, Music Presented By Glenny

Have you ever wanted to learn the flow art of poi? Now is your chance! Learn how to spin from the poi guru Justin Cumby Friday in the campgrounds. No matter if you are new to the art or a seasoned veteran, all are welcome.

hooping classes

Saturday From 11:30am-12:30pm // Hosted By Katlin Combs, Music Presented By Glenny

Learn the flow art of hoopping while at Paradiso! Katlin Combs will be on hand Saturday to teach anyone interested in the fundamentals of hooping, and maybe even an advanced trick or two. Perfect for both new and veteran hoopers, come share your art in the campgrounds.

Campground Activities: Presented By iHeartRaves
Campground Activities: Presented By iHeartRaves

totem creation station & work shops

Thursday From 3pm-7pm // Friday & Saturday From 9:00am-1:30pm

Have you ever wondered what all of those crazy creations raised high above the crowd are all about or wanted to express yourself in a way that helps your friends find you easily in the crowd? Come learn about totems and make one for yourself at our totem making station located in the campgrounds! Workshops for creating totems will also be held throughout the weekend for those interested in perfecting their craft. Paradiso always has some of the best totems around present each festival. What will you create for this year?

Stop by the totem station on Thursday from 4:00pm-7:30pm, and on Friday & Saturday from 11:00am-2:30pm!

Arts & Crafts Workshop

Friday From 11:30am-12:30pm // Saturday & Sunday From 12:30pm-1:30pm

Feeling creative and want to get crafty? Stop by the arts & crafts workshop all weekend long and make some creative creations while in paradise.

Campground Activities: Presented By iHeartRaves
Campground Activities: Presented By iHeartRaves


Available Friday 10am-11am // Saturday 12:30pm-1:30pm

Have you ever wanted to get creative with making kandi? Learn how to craft amazing kandi cuffs while at Paradiso.

Additionally a kandi making station will be available all weekend long on Thursday from 3:00pm-9:00pm & Friday/Saturday frin 9:00am-1:30pm.

A very special thanks to iHeartRaves for being involved with this year’s campground activities!

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