Friday June 23rd - Saturday June 24th 2017

The Flow Garden

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The Flow Garden

Enter our eden

Each year we are dazzled by all of the amazing flow artists who descend on Paradiso to showcase their performance art. This year we wanted to provide an area specifically for members of the flow community to  perform, exchange tips & tricks, and connect with other like minded individuals in paradise!

We are pleased to announce the Flow Garden, a new themed experiential area debuting at Paradiso Festival 2018! Located within ear shot of The Wreckage stage, the Flow Garden will provide a shaded area during the day and an illuminated area during the night, perfect for those looking to demonstrate their art or observe others perform.  Complete with plentiful seating options, bubble machines, a wishing well, and more, the Flow Garden is the perfect place to take a stroll through during your time in paradise.

The Flow Garden

We can not wait to see all of the amazing flow arts on display at Paradiso Festival in just two weeks time. Make sure to stop by the Flow Garden and help make it’s debut a roaring success! We are testing things out at Paradiso and if the Flow Garden is well received and utilized, we will be making it a feature at our other major festivals. Keep on flowing, and we will see you all at Paradiso very soon!


Q: Who is welcome in the Flow Garden?

A: Everyone! This is a new experience meant for anyone interested in flow arts. Whether you are new to flow arts or a seasoned veteran, all are welcomed in the garden.

Q: How can we find the Flow Garden?

A: Look for the large colorful tent located near The Wreckage and for Flow Garden signage surrounded by vines and illuminated flowers.

Q: What types of flow are allowed in the Flow Garden?

A: Both large and small! The Flow Garden is a large area perfect for everything from poi to orbits. Have any questions on specific guidelines for flow toys? You can find a full list of what is and is not allowed on the festival Rules & Safety page HERE!

Q: What about during the day?

A: Did you say shade? Well we did! Come beat the heat and get out of the sun during the day.

Q: What about during the night?

A: Once the sun sets, the garden comes alive! Blacklight bubbles, awesome lighting touches, and more will illuminate the garden and be a perfect backdrop to your flow art.

Q: How should we conduct ourselves while enjoying the Flow Garden?

A: Be aware of your surroundings. Give flow artists their needed space. Flow arts can be a very personal form of expression so please be respectful of one another while observing and performing. Please keep the garden clean and leave all seating options inside at all times for people to enjoy.

Stay happy, keep flowing

The Flow Garden